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iconectiv launches Trusted Communications Superhero campaign

The way in which consumers and businesses communicate and how societies operate is a key reason why companies are anticipated to spend US $2.8 trillion on digital transformation globally by 2025.

In the shadows of communication service providers (CSPs) globally, a squadron of advanced and intelligent superheroes are diligently working to keep the integrity of the communications infrastructure and the relevancy of the communication channels intact. These superheroes are fighting to ensure trust across the ecosystem from brands to businesses to consumers to regulators so that everyone has confidence that they know with whom they are communicating. This includes making sure incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages are verified and identified, and that communications service providers can trust the information in their systems and network, and ultimately operate as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

These superheroes who are propelling the communications industry’s momentum are keeping people connected, businesses running and commerce flowing. They are constantly innovating to address consumer needs and collaborating with industry stakeholders to ensure everyone is working together to protect our ability to communicate simply and securely.

A new infographic from iconectiv breaks down the various obstacles that the communications industry faces and the special powers each of these superheroes possess to combat these challenges.

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