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iconectiv Interview with CBS San Antonio: Wrong Number Texts

You should immediately be suspicious of any text you get from a number not in your contacts. It may be innocent looking.

“It is saying: 'We are still on to meet for dinner at 6?' Or 'can you call me right away?” said Chris Drake, a phone security expert with iconectiv. “'It’s urgent.'”

“Almost every day there are two or three or four different text messages that come in and say something like ‘hey, how are you doing?’” said Peter Warmka, a cybersecurity expert and founder of The Counterintelligence Institute. “It’s like they know you, right? But you’re saying I don’t recognize this person. They’re mistaken.”

Your first reaction is to be polite and let them know they have the wrong number.

“Maybe this is urgent,” Drake said. “I should tell them: ‘You fat-fingered this and you need to correct the number. Try again.’”

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