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iconectiv: Fighting Fraud in USA – STIR SHAKEN, Short Codes & Portability

August 28, 2019

MEF CEO Dario Betti speaks to Chris Drake, CTO of communications infrastructure specialist iconectiv about the USA communications market and how it is responding to the growing threat of telecoms fraud. Chris explains how the US regulator, the FCC, has reacted to robocalls with STIR / SHAKEN , where iconectiv administers SHAKEN, and how they also operates as the Local Number Portability Administrator and the Short Code Registry in the USA.

Asked about the cost of fraud to the comms industry Chris said: “The last study we have is a year old, but it quantified the cost at $30 billion annually, which is a frightening statistic, and growing – in the sense that some frauds have grown 6-fold in size from where they were 5 years ago, so its growing exponentially.”

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