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iconectiv Chief Technology Officer Elected to SIP Forum Board of Directors

Steve Tang to contribute his expertise and extensive experience in developing solutions for the seamless interconnection of devices, applications and networks to key industry organization

  • What’s the News:  Steve Tang, Chief Technology Officer at iconectiv, has joined the Board of Directors of the SIP Forum, a leading organization fostering interoperability and adherence to standardization efforts and advancing the adoption of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework, audio and video conferencing, multimedia and other types of real-time communication services.
  • Why it Matters:  As a global leader in trusted communications, iconectiv is committed to aiding SIP Forum members and the wider communications community in advancing communication services, supporting emerging technologies and helping stop the misuse and abuse of communications networks.
  • Who’s it for: Companies, regulators and government officials.

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – May 16, 2024 – In its continuing commitment to ensure a trusted communications ecosystem, iconectiv announced that Steve Tang, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, has been elected to the Board of Directors of the SIP Forum. 
Tang has extensive experience in building trusted communications networks and expertise in developing solutions for the seamless interconnection of devices, applications and networks. In his new Board of Directors position, Tang will help provide guidance and overall governance of all SIP Forum operations, including the organization’s initiatives directed toward fostering interoperability and adherence to standardization efforts, advancing the adoption of SIP-based products and services and ensuring the protection of networks from communications fraud and other illegal efforts.

“Joining the SIP Forum Board of Directors affords me the opportunity to leverage my 20-plus years of industry experience while actively collaborating with other board members so that we can help guide the organization and shape its future,” Tang said. “I am eager to work with the SIP Forum and its members on their many important initiatives.”

"We are fortunate to have on our board an experienced professional from the telecommunications industry who has dedicated his career to promoting growth and implementing best practices,” said SIP Forum President and Managing Director Marc Robins. “We look forward to Steve's unique insights and guidance as we look to advance communications services while safeguarding the networks on which they are deployed.”

At iconectiv, Tang is responsible for software development, quality assurance, systems usability, engineering and supporting business partners with emerging technologies. He is also accountable for real-world benefits and results of emerging technologies both internal to iconectiv and externally in support of the company’s business units, customers, suppliers and partners. In addition, Tang leads a team responsible for several platforms and industry registries designed to help CSPs restore trust in voice and messaging so that consumers are more inclined to answer calls from legitimate businesses. One such registry is the U.S. Calling Number Verification Service, for which iconectiv is the policy administrator. In this role, iconectiv applies and enforces the rules as defined by the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA) to operationalize the SHAKEN framework. This is a critical move to combat illegal robocallers and help restore consumer global trust in caller ID. In fact, a recent report found that in March 2024, U.S. consumers received 14.6% fewer robocalls than in March 2023.

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