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How HR Professionals Can Connect With Candidates and Employees Through Short Code Messaging

February 16, 2021

With 96% of Americans owning mobile phones, HR recruiters are now leaning toward tools such as online chatbots and short code messaging. With so many cases of fraudsters, and a surge in robocalling, people now do not answer calls from numbers they do not know. And, with the CTIA reporting that 93% of consumers consider text messaging to be a trusted communication environment, short codes offer the perfect opportunity for starting a trusted conversation between recruiters and candidates.

Despite what feels like an increasingly bleak job landscape, interestingly, the tail end of 2020 saw a growing demand for a wide range of positions across the U.S. According to a recent LinkedIn study published in December of 2020, opportunities have increased for receptionists, food specialists, training supervisors and cloud technology engineers. Yet, the task of filling positions hasn’t gotten any easier for recruiters even with millions still unemployed. Here’s why: In addition to competing for talent with other companies that are hiring, recruiters are discovering that many Americans are now working from home. With geographic boundaries shifting, recruiters are now appealing to talented candidates to fill positions outside their traditional footprint. For many employers, a key first step might be something as simple as finding more engaging ways to reach potential candidates.

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