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iconectiv’s, Chris Drake, CTO and ATIS TOPS Council Chair, will speak at the GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG) #16 being held February 4th – 6th in Sarasota, Florida. 

Robocalling and callerID spoofing are a global problem. At a rapidly increasing rate, consumers are no longer using their phones for their original intent – voice – and that is creating havoc for businesses that are legitimately trying to reach their customers.  Chris will cover the industry trends for Robocalls and what legislation and regulation is underway in the US to restore trust in the telephone number. 

Chris will also cover the voluntary governance and technical framework for SHAKEN/STIR (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs/Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) rolling out end-2019 in the US to combat malicious, spoofed robocalls and to protect the legitimate calls that consumers used to be able to rely on.

Chris will also address potential mechanisms for cross-border signing that have been developed within the standards arena.


FASG #16

GSMA drives the industry’s management of fraud and security matters related to mobile technology, networks and services, with the objective to maintain or increase the protection of mobile operator technology and infrastructure and customer identity, security and privacy such that the industry’s reputation stays strong and mobile operators remain trusted partners in the ecosystem. FASG provides an open, receptive and trusted environment within which fraud and security intelligence and incident details can be shared in a timely and responsible way.