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Well done, Fraud Fighter. I Now Promote You to Superhero of Trusted Communications

Exactly how do you explain your telecom fraud fighter job to someone at a cocktail party? That’s a tough task!  The trouble is it may take time to explain the context – describe how telecom services are delivered and paid for, then show how criminals steal money by corrupting the process. A faster path is to use an analogy and say, “My job is be a kind of detective of crimes committed against telecom providers.” That analogy works, but iconectiv has come up with an even better one. 

Why be a mere “detective” when you can position yourself as a Superhero of trusted communications.  Now that’s an attention getter: a very cool job title that can make you the life of the party :- )

All kidding aside, iconectiv’s new Superhero campaign is an effective way to raise awareness of several inter-related professions that protect digital engagement for telecoms, enterprises, and the public sector. Here to discuss it with us is iconectiv’s Peter Ford, the Executive Vice President, Head of Information Solutions business for iconectiv.

QUESTION (Dan Baker, Editor) – Peter, I got the Superheroes press release shortly after seeing the new Tom Cruise flick, Maverick, a movie about a 60-year old fighter pilot who helps save the world.  Nice timing.  What was the main motivation for this campaign?

Peter Ford: Well, Dan, I think the key spark was that people who specialize in trusted communications are not given enough credit. We forget there are thousands of people working in the industry, service providers, government agencies, enterprises, and organizations like iconectiv and others whose job it is to keep us secure.

Also, there is a lot of negative chatter about telecom: such as people losing confidence in the calls and texts they receive as spam, phishing and other deceiving tactics moved from email to the phone. But when breaches in telecom security or control occur, we need to put these failures in perspective.

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