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U.S. Phone Scam Prevention Efforts and their Global Impact: On 30 June 2021 U.S. service providers are required to deploy the STIR/SHAKEN framework to protect U.S. consumers from telephone number spoofing and unwanted calls. Additional regulations have also been put into place intended to curb unwanted international calls. These new regulations will impact global service providers that terminate calls in the United States, particularly those that leverage SIP and outsourced providers to do so. iconectiv Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and GSMA ISAG member, Chris Drake, will provide an update on the STIR/SHAKEN rollout and provide recommendations for how global service providers and regulators can navigate the road ahead.


GSMA drives the industry’s management of fraud and security matters related to mobile technology, networks and services, with the objective to maintain or increase the protection of mobile operator technology and infrastructure and customer identity, security and privacy such that the industry’s reputation stays strong and mobile operators remain trusted partners in the ecosystem. FASG provides an open, receptive and trusted environment within which fraud and security intelligence and incident details can be shared in a timely and responsible way.