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As Distributed Workstyles Grow, iconectiv TruNumber Routing Helps Ensure Calls and Text Messages are Delivered Accurately and Cost-Effectively in 84 Countries

  • What’s the News: The pandemic’s impact on business continuity and workstyles has increased enterprises’ reliance on telecommuting and other highly distributed workforces. This trend increases the need to ensure that calls and text messages are always routed correctly to wherever employees are based, including offshore call centers, country or regional headquarters and other key business process operation facilities like an employee’s home. 
  • Why it Matters: iconectiv's TruNumber Routing helps service providers ensure that their enterprise customers’ calls and messages are routed correctly and via the least-cost routes.
  • How it Works: TruNumber Routing is a number portability information service that provides optimal routing and rating data for 84 countries, including Canada, Ghana, India, Japan, Spain, South Korea and the United States.
  • Who’s it for: Service providers worldwide.

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. – August 5, 2021 – E-tailers, financial services firms and other businesses increasingly rely on globally distributed workforces to engage with customers, reduce costs, improve business continuity and maintain 24/7 operations. To accommodate this trend, service providers need a highly accurate, continually updated database of global telephone numbers to ensure that their enterprise customers’ calls and text messages are routed successfully and at the lowest cost.  

Routing isn’t as simple as it appears. One major reason is number portability. Every year, there are billions of number porting transactions worldwide. Access to a highly accurate, continually updated database service of global numbers gives service providers the ability to successfully route calls and text messages.

Understandably, enterprise customers also want their calls and texts to be delivered cost effectively. Accurate telephone number information enables service providers to identify the least-cost route for each call and message. This ensures that service providers’ enterprise customers don’t spend more than they should on interconnection and termination charges.

iconectiv's TruNumber Routing addresses these challenges and requirements by providing access to number portability and range data that is associated with telephone numbers for 80+ countries across six continents. In fact, routing data from Belarus, Honduras, Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are the newest countries available.

“With optimal, port-updated routing and rating data for more than 80 countries worldwide, the sun never sets on TruNumber Routing,” said Michael O’Brien, Chief Product Officer, iconectiv. “Service providers need that global reach and accuracy to maximize customer satisfaction, minimize operating expenses and accommodate business trends such as globally distributed workforces.”

This continually updated information helps service providers and their enterprise customers:

  • Save money by enabling least-cost routing.
  • Minimize revenue leakage by accurately routing and rating voice and SMS traffic.
  • Curtail management costs currently used for investigating and resolving connection issues.
  • Comply with FCC call-completion standards for rural areas.

iconectiv obtains all data directly from authorized numbering administrators, making TruNumber Routing more accurate and up-to-date than alternative sources such as Home Location Registers (HLRs). For example, recognizing that India is one of the most active countries for routing, it is important to rely on only authorized data to ensure optimal routes to successful completion.

TruNumber Routing also helps service providers and their enterprise customers comply with privacy regulations. Alternative sources may provide personally identifiable data, putting users in violation of laws such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).