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CSPs look to ramp up revenues with origin-based rating

Communications service providers (CSPs) have woken up to the fact they have been leaving revenue on the table by not charging termination rates based on the origin of a call.

For years, CSPs had charged flat rate termination fees regardless of the call’s originating country, the service provider and the type of connection used. The last decade’s increased pressure on voice and data revenues has sent CSPs searching for new sources of revenue and this previously flat rate business has now been identified to have a potentially substantial upside as CSPs can charge higher revenues and even levy penalty charges if a call’s origin is not clearly identified.

Substantial revenue is at stake from origin-based rating (OBR) but where there is opportunity, there is also the potential for fraud to be committed so trust in the caller line identification (CLID) is essential if CSPs are to accurately and fairly generate revenues from origin-based termination.

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