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Companies face fresh security risks from people working from home

PROVIDED BY Yahoo Finance
March 23, 2020

Millions of people are working from home around the world as the coronavirus pandemic spreads and authorities plead for people to stay at home to slow the rate of contagion. Though people staying and working from home helps stop the spread of the virus, it increases the likelihood of companies getting hacked through weaknesses in employees’ home networks and misuse of VPN.

“The cats are away so the mice are playing,” said Karim Hijazi, CEO of Prevailion, a company that monitors cyber threats and tracks infected businesses. “The mice being malware,” he added. Chris Drake, CTO of Iconectiv, a network and operations management company owned by Ericsson, told Yahoo Finance that individuals and companies should expect “omnichannel” attacks: robocalls, texts, email phishing scams, and compromised apps from the App Store and Google Play.

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