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Common Language on the go: Quickly identify and track equipment assets in the field

To further simplify the management of network equipment inventory and ensure communications service providers (CSPs) operate at maximum effectiveness, iconectiv TruOpsä Common Language® CLEIä Codes subscribers can now use the Common Language App for real-time access in identifying and tracking virtually every type of communications equipment and network asset from the convenience of their mobile phone or device.

The Common Language App enables field workers and warehouse personnel to:

  • Scan existing equipment and easily get access to the network equipment’s attributes.
  • Scan newly installed equipment onsite and have the file available to download.

Now, subscribers can simply, seamlessly and securely scan and upload network equipment CLEI Code barcodes and serial numbers from a particular location to their inventory management system. It also gives field force, warehouse, network planning and operations personnel easier access to equipment attribute data including product type and features when they are in the field.

This increased level of command and control allows CSPs to manage their network equipment as efficiently and effectively as possible by further streamlining network planning, service activations and operations.  This is especially important as CSPs maximize their investments in network infrastructure and new technology rollouts, including 5G.

For more details on Common Language and the Common Language App visit TruOps Common Language® Information Services.