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Common Language App: Effectively manage network assets while capitalizing on 5G opportunities

For communications service providers (CSPs), it’s not only important to keep pace with technology and come to market with differentiated services, it’s also critical to keep track of every single item in inventory, including the thousands of pieces of equipment necessary to keep any given wireless network up and running. Since it can be easy to lose sight of warranty eligibility, compliance, interchangeability, and even which assets have been sunset or decommissioned, tools like iconectiv’s TruOpsä Common Language® can be a life saver for CSPs.

As a tried and trusted industry-standard solution, Common Language is one of the tools in CSPs’ toolbox that helps them capitalize on the burgeoning 5G market. Not only does it aid them in ensuring the flow of consistent and accurate information throughout an organization’s infrastructure by providing a common name for locations, equipment, connections, services and virtual functions, but it also provides a pinpoint view of network sites across business operations, and a way to optimize processes through automating operations.

Leveraging the Common Language App, field workers and warehouse personnel can simply, seamlessly and securely scan and upload network equipment CLEI Code barcodes and serial numbers from a particular location. Field force, warehouse, network planning and operations personnel can utilize the app for even easier access to equipment attribute data including product type and features when they are in the field.

For more details on Common Language CLEI Codes or the Common Language App visit TruOps Common Language® Information Services