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The Challenges and Opportunities of SHAKEN Going Global

Presented at the STIR/SHAKEN Summit, experts from ATIS, Fierce Wireless, iconectiv, Microsoft and Twilio discuss how service providers can best prepare for the September 28 deadline

What: Earlier this year, the FCC announced that beginning September 28, 2021, U.S. intermediate providers and terminating voice service providers will be prohibited from accepting traffic from voice service providers not listed in the Robocall Mitigation Database (RMD). However, this measure may have unintended consequences for legitimate calls originating from overseas. Some legitimate calls have the potential to be blocked if service providers do not meet the requirements by the deadline and are not registered in the RMD.

During the one-hour panel, iconectiv joined a host of industry leaders including, ATIS, Fierce Wireless, Microsoft, and Twilio to discuss the strategies businesses can adopt to ensure the delivery of their legitimate overseas calls. Panelists also covered the prospective efforts of telephone companies to further increase the transparency and security of voice communications.


  • Moderator: Bevin Fletcher, Editor, FierceWireless
  • Melissa Blassingame, Director-Strategic Business Development, Twilio
  • Gunnar Halley, Assistant General Counsel, Microsoft
  • Jim McEachern, Principal Technologist, ATIS
  • Mike O’Brien, Chief Product Officer, iconectiv

Where: Register here to watch the free replay of the session.