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CFCA Educational Event


iconectiv will proudly join CFCA at their fall educational event being held on October 15th – 17th in Tucson, AZ. The focus of CFCA’s educational programs provide invaluable training and information that will increase competencies needed to combat the new fraud and revenue protection challenges that continue to emerge worldwide.

Chris Drake, Chief Technology Officer with iconectiv will explain how the telecommunications industry is rallying across operators, their vendors, the FCC and several U.S. legislators to combat illegal calls and protect legitimate calls. Through a multi-faceted approach to validate consumer and business calls these caller ID authentication standards—called SHAKEN/STIR—require voice calls to have confirmed caller identification through certificate verification and analytics.

Drake will also discuss how financial institutions, healthcare providers and other authorized businesses can leverage telephone number porting data as part of their assessment when verifying a customer’s identity, approving a transaction or disclosing information.

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Intent upon finding a more effective way to combat the growing problem of communications fraud, representatives from AT&T, ITT, MCI, Network One, Satellite Business Systems and Sprint met to lay the groundwork for the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA).