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$65bn Question: How can network and finance work together to safeguard capital investments?

September 20, 2018

Webinar explores best practices for service providers

BRIDGEWATER, NJ – September 20, 2018: According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, some 20 percent of network operator equipment spend is wasted every year.  That amounts to a global figure of around $65bn annually.

Network waste comes from a variety of sources – buying replacement parts without recognizing that items held in stock could perform the same function, or an inability to cannibalize and re-use equipment during network upgrades for example.

If $65bn wasn’t enough incentive, changes to financial regulations and reporting requirements also mean service providers need to be able to demonstrate that their fixed network asset register accurately mirrors the constantly changing equipment deployed across an evolving infrastructure landscape.

On September 26, 2018 at 15.00 GMT/10.00 ET, Vanilla Plus, a leading news magazine for communication service providers, will hold a webinar highlighting how operations and finance teams can take advantage of a common language to cut waste and improve overall efficiency.

Led by industry experts Eyad Alqadi, director of sales, EMEA, iconectiv; John Hayes, senior director, sales consultant, iconectiv; Mark Mortensen, principal analyst, ACG Research; and George Malim, managing editor, Vanilla Plus, this webinar will explore the best ways for service providers to track, manage and assess the value of their network assets while also enabling a precise, accurate financial accounting of network resources.

As service providers look to ensure integration and facilitate financial compliance for each piece of network equipment – right down to an individual line card in a network server – they must have its function recorded, exact location identified and financial value attributed.

iconectiv has worked with top-tier service providers to build solutions that allow them to safeguard their capital investments, including those that can track all changes to network equipment as well as easily compare new equipment requests to the stock of spare parts for compatible equipment in order to help ensure financial and operational efficiencies.

A replay of the webinar is available on demand.

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