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Why is STIR/SHAKEN important?

It’s no surprise that spam and illegal robocalls have caused consumers to stop answering their calls. Especially when you consider that more than 6.3 billion spoofed calls were made as of March 2021, according to FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks, and the fact that $1.8 billion is lost annually due to fraudulent activities, including “wangiri” one-ring scams.

Spam and illegal robocalls pose a significant challenge for legitimate businesses trying to reach consumers with important information and costs phone companies time and money investigating and combating fraud and nuisance communications.

Enter STIR/SHAKEN - by verifying the integrity and accuracy of calling number data, phone companies are better able to identify and stop the illegal calls and spoofing. Learn more about the importance of STIR/SHAKEN and stopping illegal calls and spoofing below.

Brochure: Improve Call Completion Rates and Reduce Costs

Video: Verify Legitimate Calls

Brochure: Combatting Illegal Robocalling and Spoofing in the United States

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