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What are one-ring “wangiri” robocall scams?

In a type of robocall scam known as “wangiri” or one-ring, fraudsters call but hang up after the first ring. When consumers and businesses call back, they don’t realize that it’s a premium telephone number and they are charged a high fee. According to CFCA’s 2019 Fraud Loss Survey, one-ring “wangiri” fraud accounts for more than $1.82B in annual losses.

The good news is that under an FCC Report and Order, U.S. service providers may block calls from telephone numbers that are highly likely to be associated with one-ring robocall scams, so long as they use reasonable analytics in deciding which numbers to block. The even better news is that iconectiv TruNumber Protect supports these analytics to help power voice service providers’ Fraud Management Systems (FMS).

Learn more about one-ring “wangiri” robocall scams below.

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