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Have an end-to-end view of your cell tower network

A solution for cell tower companies with complex networks

As a Cell Tower owner or manager, a consistent end-to-end view of your network and its assets is essential for cost-effective inventory of network elements and support of network planning, design and expansion including 5G roll-outs, WISP solutions and NEXTGEN TV.

Use CLLI Codes to distinctly identify every single location in your network. Common Language promotes consistency to standardize the way your tower ecosystem refers to locations, equipment, wireless towers, broadcast towers, in-building systems, data centers or managed rooftops using standard geographic identifiers that tell you exactly where points of interface are and what their functions are. Be visible to Telco Carriers using the codes they already use.

CLLI Codes Support Tower Site Selection. Cell Tower Companies can use CLLI data to enhance the site selection process. The Common Language network view helps you filter and prioritize new locations for expansion.

Plan your Tower Network with accurate data. Common Language provides visibility of the telco carriers deployed at existing data center locations. Plan your network more effectively with CLLI Code data. Simplify asset and inventory management and improve network utilization.

Common Language Features

Enables the standardization of infrastructure, data, and assets
Increases simplification by enforcing process automation
Optimizes efficiency, offering dashboard visibility of your network and assets
Enables precise tracking details, save on operational expenses

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What exactly is a Common Language Location Identifier (CLLI) code?

A CLLI code is an 11-character, standardized, geographic identifier that uniquely identifies the geographic location of places and certain functional categories of equipment unique to the telecommunications industry. All valid CLLI codes are created, updated and maintained in the Central Location Online Entry System (CLONES) database.

How are CLLI codes used?

common language location codes (CLLI Codes) are used worldwide to identify and describe three types of locations:

Network sites:
These include such network locations as central office buildings, business and commercial offices, microwave radio structures and earth stations.

Network support sites:
These include such locations as international boundaries or crossing points, end points, fiber nodes, cable and facility junctions, manholes, poles and repeaters.

Customers’ sites:
These include customer locations and associated circuit terminations, facilities or equipment for each.

Why are CLLI Codes and CLONES Needed?

The combination of CLLI and CLONES enables departments within an organization to refer to the same location in the same way, without risk of ambiguity.

This is further enhanced when sharing location information between Service Providers where mistakes communicating location information can lead to expensive work around or litigation.

Maximize profitability

Use Case

Maximize profitability and operational efficiency with full access to industry-standard interconnection data.

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Learn how Common Language CLLI™ Codes are used worldwide to identify and describe network sites, network support sites and customers' sites.

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