Fraud & Identity

If you’re like most service providers you’re leaking revenues to fraudulent service abuses, hour after hour, day after day. Plug those revenue leaks and watch profits rise with the iconectiv Fraud & Identity Solution.

“As a customer of iconectiv’s MobileID for almost a decade, EE has been able to significantly reduce revenue share and roaming fraud losses by blocking fraudulent calls to high-risk revenue share and premium rate numbers.”
Tracey Ebbitt
Fraud Strategy Manager, EE, UK


Take the uncertainty out of porting numbers, and ensure a positive first experience for new subscribers, with comprehensive Number Portability Solution. You’ll discover why our portability products have been adopted by 21 countries worldwide, and counting.

"The introduction of number portability will have a major impact on communications services in Thailand and help us continue to have one of the most advanced mobile infrastructures in the region."
Premon Pinskul
Chairman of the Clearing House for Number Portability Co.


Engage with clients directly in today's always-moving economy. Through personalized messages, comprehensive campaign management, and our secure global messaging network, the Enterprise Messaging Suite lets you simply, securely, and seamlessly strengthen your client relationships and drive revenue with targeted, timely engagements

Network & Operations

As a service provider, you’re challenged to route calls and messages correctly. You are also on a constant quest to maximize efficiencies, decrease operational costs, and improve network planning. In every case, meeting these objectives requires efficient access to reliable data: and that’s what iconectiv is all about.

“Proper use of Common Language gave us better control of inventory, improved communication, and fostered better collaboration internally and with our customers, and we couldn’t have done it without iconectiv as our supplier, partner, and trusted advisor.”
Elizabeth Rodriguez Flores
Common Language Manager, Telmex

Industry Registries

Whether you are seeking to engage customers through text messaging campaigns or ensure seamless communication between unrelated applications and devices, you need an authoritative source for the codes and identifiers that make the connections. iconectiv is the official administrator of both the Common Short Code registry and the IoT AppID registry.

"iconectiv's expertise will facilitate the successful transition of registry services as well as help continue to grow the use of CSCs by streamlining registration services using innovative data analytics and business intelligence solutions."
Rocco Carlitti
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, CTIA

Join Our Team

We believe our employee’s knowledge, skills, and experience are our most valued assets.
"iconectiv is a very interesting place to work. The culture is very unique and it is a place for growth. We are in over 20 countries developing technology solutions in the mobile industry which is what today's society is focused on."
"What excites me about working at iconectiv is that we are a forward moving, forward thinking company. We stay ahead of the pace of technology, and because of our size you can see the impact of your contributions."
"As a recent college graduate, I feel that iconectiv has introduced me to technology and concepts that I didn’t get exposed to in school. Here at iconectiv you have a lot of people to teach you. Because of that, I try to keep my critical thinking sharp."