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In theory, the cloud, and the automation it promises, was supposed to make life better for service providers. Faster. More cost-effective. Infinitely greater flexibility. But in reality, major hurdles still stand in the way of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) onboarding:

  • How can you navigate an increasingly complex multi-vendor environment with thousands of potential Network Function Virtual Infrastructure (NFVI) and Virtual Network Function (VNF) combinations?
  • How can you reduce time to market and operational expenses?
  • With increasing amounts of “network slicing” with multiple VNF providers for each slice, how can you effectively integrate software from multiple vendors?

If virtualization is the future—and we all know it is—why has it been so challenging and costly to get there? It’s a problem that iconectiv is uniquely positioned to address.

iconectiv has a long history of vendor neutral governance. Our development of products such as Common Language have ensured the flow of consistent and accurate information through discrete ecosystems. Now iconectiv is bringing our standards-driven approach to address the problem of virtualization for service providers.

To help you make the transition to the cloud, iconectiv has developed TruOps Virtual. This VNF information service streamlines the compliance, validation and performance aspects of VNF onboarding, making it easier for service providers to reduce costs and launch new network services.

one step closer to zero-touch VNF onboarding automation

Use the TruOps Virtual platform for benchmarking cloud performance, so you can be sure that your virtualization onboarding conforms with industry standards. It provides NFV registry, based on the ONAP standard, that streamlines the compliance, validation and ultimately the performance of VNF onboarding.

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cost-effective compliance

TruOps Virtual puts different virtual network functions from multiple vendors on the same page, speaking the same language. It allows you to uncover potential roadblocks to virtualization early in the process, so you can address them quickly and efficiently. The result: lower costs, faster implementation, greater customer satisfaction, and greater ROI.

  • Orchestration Framework Agnostic: Supports ONAP and 3PP orchestrators, with easy integration of non-ONAP orchestrators using APIs.
  • Vendor Neutral: Provides a vendor neutral standards-based process for VNF onboarding.
  • Data Model Compliance: Ensures VNF compliance and validation for VNF packages and templates including TOSCA and HEAT.
  • Service Provider Specific: Gives you the flexibility to leverage industry validation and operator-specific validation criteria.