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Messaging is the preferred way to receive and consume information. In the U.S. alone, a staggering 6 billion mobile messages are sent every day. Yet despite its overwhelming popularity, and the growing prominence of Application to Person (A2P) messaging, the process to get those messages to market presents communication and workflow challenges.

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iconectiv TruReach Intel alleviates these hurdles by creating the opportunity for all stakeholders to work together through a streamlined process to deploy mobile campaigns with greater efficiency. TruReach Intel specifically helps:

  • Aggregators process message campaigns quickly
  • Service providers maintain the integrity and performance of their mobile networks
  • Content providers ensure their mobile messages will be delivered via a legitimate path
  • Application providers work effectively to help their customers launch new programs

The first globally-available A2P workflow management application for the registration and enablement of mobile messaging programs to mobile users, TruReach Intel enables industry collaboration without compromising your company’s competitive advantage.

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seamless at every step, for every stakeholder

TruReach Intel enhanced messaging management solution is equipped with the intelligence and insights needed to successfully manage A2P messaging workflows to speed delivery, maximize resources and bridge a cohesive exchange between short code campaign enablement and execution. Its streamlined and interactive approach accommodates demand and increases communication between parties in the messaging ecosystem.

TruReach Intel allows for

  • Streamlined submissions: Simplified interface with a unified form eliminates the need to submit individual applications to each participating service provider
  • Self-check ability:  Helps meet the requirements of all service providers, by eliminating mistakes and errors before submission
  • Intuitive dashboard:  Offers a centralized 360° view on status for all submitted programs
  • Detailed analytics: Full data on past and pending campaigns