automating the porting process

your gateway to efficiency

iconectiv TruNumber Gateway serves as the critical link between a service provider’s internal operations and the outside world. It connects you to national clearinghouses, dramatically simplifying and expediting the entire portability process. With TruNumber Gateway, you can coordinate your back-office systems and automate portability transactions including updating network elements on number porting changes, which empowers you to maximize your call completion rate with less costs and fewer errors.

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You can rely on TruNumber Gateway to help you enhance customer service because it delivers faster and more accurate responses to subscriber port requests. Additionally, TruNumber Gateway gives you a more in-depth look at your rich data. The information TruNumber Gateway provides, such as what types of subscribers are porting into your network and where they are coming from, can help you more rapidly identify emerging market trends.

No wonder it’s the gateway to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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automating the porting process

Porting numbers and gaining new customers enables new revenue for the service provider. Handled poorly, it can result in exactly the opposite – lost revenue, dissatisfied customers and damaged brand reputation. The number porting experience should be fast and painless for the customer and simple for the service provider.

TruNumber Gateway is secure, high-availability, high-capacity and fully compliant with industry requirements. It manages volume transactions in a cost-effective manner, creating an automated, elegant flow-through porting process to ensure a graceful migration for service providers and a simple, consistent process for the consumer. Seamless OSS integration minimizes deployment risks and cost, while the 99.99% uptime means superior availability.

TruNumber Gateway helps you simplify and automate management of all number porting related processes. It helps you:

  • Generate revenue faster by porting new customers in less time with fewer errors
  • Reduce operating costs through end-to-end automation
  • Minimize deployment delays by avoiding unwieldy, unreliable in-house custom-built tools
  • Continuously monitor your porting process and spot abnormalities early
  • Respond to porting requests within timeframes specified by regulators, avoiding possible penalties
  • Utilize standardized protocols to interface service provider back-end systems