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make standardized data your standard operating procedure

For service providers with massive footprints, more moving parts means more room for error. With dozens of facilities, thousands of pieces of equipment and new service offerings properly keeping track of everything can be nearly impossible and not keeping track can be costly.

Inefficiencies and errors are responsible for wasting up to 20% of your annual CapEx budget. That is understandable when dealing with ambiguous and inaccurate data, incorrect call or message routing, incomplete inventory status and improperly labeled equipment. Considering that, you can easily see how losing sight of even the tiniest piece of information can have a profound effect on your bottom line. To get the most out of your teams, you need to communicate clearly and unambiguously, all the time. The iconectiv TruOps platform can help you do just that.

put an end to inaccuracy

iconectiv TruOps ensures everyone, from discrete business divisions, to partners and even vendors, are working together in perfect harmony. How? By standardizing data, improving network planning and providing accurate routing and rating information.

TruOps is comprised of two market-proven products: Common Language® and Telecom Routing Administration (TRA). Common Language helps ensure data infrastructure standardization so networks, organizations, partners and vendors are aligned and speaking the same language. TRA is the industry-recognized source of routing and rating information in the United States.

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capex too high? cut costs, not quality 

Better network visibility to reduce spend is possible. Keeping track of all of your network equipment across numerous locations can be very complicated and lead to assets being lost. Find out how standardized data can be your standard operating procedure. With Common Language your network operations teams can simplify data maintenance and your finance teams can more efficiently track tax attributes across asset classes to streamline capacity management planning.

Check out the video today to learn how Common Language helps reduce network investment without compromising service or reliability.

Take control of your network with Common Language

The days of hosting network information across multiple corporate systems are over. Common Language streamlines internal operations by enabling all departments to have access to centralized, standardized and accurate information on network equipment assets, equipment locations and facilities, so you can simplify data maintenance and eliminate duplication and errors.

With Common Language, you have the software tools, industry expertise and standard management services you need to bring order to your information infrastructure and efficiency to your business operations.

Telemarketing Data Source the industry source for routing and rating

If you verify phone numbers, process customer info or suppress numbers from a database, Telemarketing Data Source can help.

Case Study: Effective equipment change management Cincinnati Bell

Learn how Cincinnati Bell mitigates risk and cost-impacting product changes while protecting its network investment.