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A phone number is personal. People expect to be able to keep their phone numbers, regardless of their service provider. They demand that the integrity of the number is safeguarded and not misused, giving them granular control of messages and calls they want and don’t want to receive.

This presents a unique challenge for service providers. You are expected to provide the flexibility and security customers want and ensure the accurate routing of billions of calls every day in real time, while maximizing efficiencies and decreasing operational costs. The iconectiv TruNumber platform is designed to address those challenges, head-on.


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TruNumber is an advanced, proven platform for portability, gaining deeper insights into call routing and robust, proactive fraud protection. Products like TruNumber Finder, TruNumber Portability Clearinghouse, TruNumber Gateway, TruNumber Routing and TruNumber Resolver help facilitate porting and provide industry-leading, accurate phone number data, while TruNumber Protect helps service providers proactively prevent fraud.


there’s safety and accuracy in these numbers

The iconectiv TruNumber platform provides trusted global numbering databases and managed services to help facilitate portability, prevent revenue share fraud and interconnection-related revenue leakage and gain deeper insights into call routing data.

Rely on TruNumber to provide you with the accurate phone number data you need to provide seamless portability, detect and diagnose issues quickly and effectively combat phone fraud. The TruNumber platform drives choice, convenience and innovation that benefit consumers and help streamline customer acquisition, improve customer satisfaction and ensure resource efficiency for companies across the globe.


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tracking phone numbers just got easier

TruNumber Finder simplifies number management, confirms customer acquisition and enhances customer service by providing a full, fast and accurate view of the information needed to troubleshoot call-completion and number porting. TruNumber Finder aggregates data to provide key phone number attributes, including line type, line ownership and line location.

Check out the video today to learn how TruNumber Finder helps you to continue providing world-class service to your customers everyday.

Learn more about TruNumber Finder

The efficient administration of phone numbers is essential for network operations and customer service organizations to provide seamless service to their customers. As the authority on numbering information, TruNumber Finder provides the phone number information they need anywhere at any time.

TruNumber Finder helps service providers streamline customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and resource efficiency by presenting the information needed to quickly detect, diagnose and direct issues to the right team. The speed, convenience and reliability makes it the must-have for any customer service representative or number pooling administrator at any service provider in the U.S. 

Achieve efficient voice and message delivery with TruNumber Routing

Use TruNumber Routing for seamless interconnections, efficient routing, call completion and rating and optimized service delivery.

Learn more about combating fraud with TruNumber Protect

TruNumber Protect helps fight fraud by proactively identifying suspicious activity and blocking suspected fraudulent calls.