Number Portability Clearinghouse

Number Portability Clearinghouse

A Single, Centralized System

Centralized. Standardized. Optimized.

Complying with number portability mandates doesn’t have to be difficult.

Our Number Portability Clearinghouse, part of the iconectiv Number Portability Solution, ports all number types through a single, centralized system. The result is a simple, seamless and secure process for wireline and wireless service providers and an enhanced experience for their customers.

Number Portability Clearinghouse:

  • Delivers quick and accurate number exchanges
  • Ensures all service providers are following the same procedures in handling port requests
  • Tracks request stats, routing data, and history
  • Monitors activity in real time
  • Offers flexible business model options
  • Leverages commercial, off-the-shelf software for simple integration

There’s a reason our number portability products have been adopted by 18 countries worldwide – and counting. As the leading provider of interconnection and number portability data registries and applications, we have the solutions and experience to deliver extraordinary value in any size environment. 

Number Portability Clearinghouse