Number Management System

Number Management System

Regulators Have Our Number

Owning Number Management

How are national regulators around the world meeting the soaring demand for number assignment and management? They are turning to the iconectiv Number Management System, part of the iconectiv Numbering Solution.

This user-friendly offering automates number administration for any numbering plan. It simplifies the processes for number request submissions and number resource assignment. It also dramatically reduces human error while saving time and money.

Number Management System:

  • Provides a powerful, secure, centralized  system that handles all number types, including fixed, mobile, toll-free, free Internet, and special tariff numbers 
  • Scales easily to accommodate growing volumes of service providers and number requirements
  • Tracks every number resource application and monitors available number blocks
  • Ensures that number assignments are timely, equitable, and impartial
  • Produces automatic reports for analyzing and forecasting usage patterns and resource utilization

Bring unprecedented efficiency to your number management processes with this comprehensive solution from iconectiv.

Number Management System