Reliable phone number data

Authoritative data at your fingertips

The efficient administration of telephone numbers is essential for network operations, customer service and organizations to provide a seamless service to their customers. 

Inaccurate information means lost revenue and reputational damage caused by dissatisfied customers switching to competitors. Inaccessible data means lost time digging through information from disparate systems to resolve basic customer issues. 

TruNumber Finder from iconectiv provides the data you need to streamline customer acquisition, customer satisfaction and resource efficiency by accessing the information you need to detect and diagnose issues quickly, so that you can direct the right team to the job.
Our authoritative, web-based data will enable your number code administrators or network operations team to validate crucial information related to coverage, service and porting history. 

Available to authorized users of the U.S. Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC), Finder provides a simple, seamless and secure way to keep track of the more than 30 million telephone numbers ported each year.

Improve your customer service and receive pertinent information to help trouble-shoot call-completion and number porting issues. Learn more about TruNumber Finder today



What is Finder?

iconectiv® TruNumber Finder provides a rapid, accurate view of critical information related to phone numbers. It aggregates data from disparate systems to simplify number management, confirm customer acquisition and enhance customer service.