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M3AAWG 45th General Meeting

LOCATION Fairmont Hotel • San Francisco, CA

Old Fraud Techniques Target New Customer Service Features, Costing Businesses Revenue and Customers

Fraudsters are constant followers, quickly learning and adapting to the latest security tech, finding new ways to target businesses and their customers. It’s safe to assume that no one is safe, and we are dealing with a constant game of cat and mouse. Even forward-thinking global customer service brands are at risk. Take Wangiri – an older form of fraud that could easily be targeted to busy customer service centers where businesses now offer a call back option rather than keeping customers waiting. Using fraudulent premium numbers, fraudsters could use this new feature to extract money from contact center businesses and their enterprise customers. This session will address these latest threats to businesses and best practices for protecting their revenue, customers and brand reputation.

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The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) is where the industry comes together to work against botnets, malware, spam, viruses, DoS attacks and other online exploitation.