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Speaking Engagement

Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC)

LOCATION New York, New York

The ACC’s Full Day In-House Toolkit will serve as a networking event and a refresher on fundamentals for any in-house lawyer. Senior Counsel, Eugene Serban, will be speaking and conducting an advanced session on pivotal topics.

Eugene Serban

Eugene Serban, Senior Counsel

Eugene Serban is senior counsel at iconectiv, LLC. iconectiv is the authoritative partner of the communications industry with solutions that enable the interconnection of networks, devices and applications, including creating, operating and securing the communications infrastructure for service providers, regulators, enterprises, aggregators and content providers. At iconectiv, he is responsible for legal services in the corporate, commercial, and technology areas, and for international subsidiaries and compliance.   Serban previously worked in house at international Fortune 500 companies and two leading global law firms.  Serban has a BA from McGill University, a JD from Seton Hall Law School, and an LLM from NYU Law School.