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Common Language

Take Control of Your Network Data

The Language of Efficiency

Many of a service provider’s systems make use of data relating to addresses, equipment, circuit paths, service use, and more. But hosting the data across all these systems is inefficient and error prone. Each department may have its own definitions of equipment or locations, causing problems in translation. 

These discrepancies are compounded during interactions with other service providers or network element providers — all of whom may be dealing with similar inefficiencies of their own.

Common Language®:

  • Defines and polices the data infrastructure, eliminating data silos and making the information available to your entire organization
  • Defines common rules for the physical labeling of network equipment and maintains the data dictionaries
  • Centralizes all your information in a single database — a master repository — that simplifies data maintenance, streamlining interconnection processes, and reduces or eliminates errors
  • Maximizes efficiencies and eliminates human error by automating communications between departments and companies, using mutually agreed-upon coding

Common Language ensures the efficient flow of consistent and accurate information to every corner of your infrastructure and throughout your organization.

What efficient organizations have in common…is Common Language. 

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Common Language