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Common Language

Take Control of Your Network Data

The Language of Efficiency

Many service providers’ have separate systems for locations, equipment, circuit paths, and service use. But hosting data across different systems can negatively impact data analysis and decision making. Individual departments often have unique definitions and labelling practices, making collaboration and data harmonization difficult. Such inefficiencies are resulting in up to 20% of service providers’ annual CapEx budget being wasted each year.

To provide optimum service delivery and financial performance you need real-time insights and network control.  Common Language® can help by ensuring the flow of consistent and accurate information throughout your organization’s infrastructure.

Common Language®:

  • Standardizes and polices the data infrastructure, eliminates data silos and helps networks, organizations, and finance teams speak the same common language 
  • Defines common rules for the physical labeling of network equipment and maintains the data dictionaries
  • Simplifies data maintenance, streamlining interconnection processes and reduces or eliminates errors
  • Maximizes efficiencies and eliminates human error by automating communications between departments and companies, using mutually agreed-upon coding
  • Makes management simple and seamless by providing dashboard visibility of your network and assets and by making integration with industry leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions easier

What efficient organizations have in common is…Common Language®. 

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Common Language