Short Codes

Short Codes

The Code for Success

The Code for Successful Brand Engagement

Take customer relationships to a whole new level with short codes  from iconectiv.

Things to know about Short Codes:

  • Short codes are the unique, personalized five-to-six digit numbers that make text messaging campaigns possible
  • Use them whenever you want to connect with your customers – whether you are inviting them to vote, enter a contest, redeem a coupon, make a donation, take a poll, join a chat room, or subscribe

For brand marketers, customer engagement is the ultimate priority and the most effective path to customer engagement is the short code.  iconectiv is your connection to the codes, having been named the official administrator of the Short Code Registry in January 2016.

So now you know the code for success. Let us help you put it to work. 

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Short Codes

What are short codes?

Short codes are the most universally effective and trusted messaging option for established brands to engage with customers.  Find out how they can help your business and help you better engage with your customers.