Manage, Maintain and Monetize

Fueling IoT Connectivity and Interoperability

Communication between applications and devices is the key that will unlock the limitless potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). That communication depends on the ability of applications to identify themselves in a consistent, standards-based way to the service layer.

The oneM2M standard, developed by a consortium of eight international standards bodies and more than 200 companies, provides a common service layer that allows applications, devices, and services to interconnect. With oneM2M, applications can operate globally across multiple verticals and service networks. 

iconectiv’s IoT AppID Registry:

  • Is the official source of global, oneM2M-compliant identifiers for each application
  • Enables global data interoperability and communication between applications across service provider networks for seamless service delivery and fulfillment
  • Securely and efficiently manages application registration and discovery
  • Offers a highly scalable data management solution that empowers you to rapidly monetize and promote application, and generate new revenue streams from value-added services

Make IoT interoperability a reality. Explore IoT AppID, part of iconectiv’s Industry Registry Solution. 

For more information, please visit oneM2M App-ID Registry