Device Registry

Device Registry

A Next Generation Centralized Registry of Mobile Devices

Combat Mobile Device Theft

Smartphone theft and mobile device counterfeiting cost billions in losses – from data breaches to lost tax revenue and what about the threat to public safety? Device Registry, part of the iconectiv Fraud & Identity Solution, puts you back in control. 

Device Registry is a central mobile device data registry that helps you identify and manage stolen, lost, counterfeit, and cloned devices. 

Device Registry: 

  • Enables service providers, law enforcement, and government agencies to combat mobile crime and identity theft
  • Preserves customs duties and tax revenue by preventing fraudsters from circumventing these fees using counterfeit devices
  • Delivers improved accuracy over Traditional Equipment Identity Registers (EIRs) and static data
  • Maintains real-time information on handsets, including IMEI-IMSI-MSISDN triplets
  • Offers powerful digital fingerprinting and analytics capabilities

Take a stand against mobile device theft, abuse, and counterfeiting with Device Registry.

Device Registry