Asset Protect

Fight Back Against Fraud

Protect your profitability

You don’t have to accept SIM box fraud, the resulting losses in revenue, or the associated SMS spam that’s hijacking your network. You have the power to combat these costly abuses, plug revenue leaks, and protect your profitability with Asset Protect, part of the iconectiv Fraud & Identity Solution.

This sophisticated solution combines the power of comprehensive protection with the convenience and efficiency of a fully-managed service.

Asset Protect:

  • Helps you prevent abuse of unlimited and high-volume voice and SMS plans
  • Continuously monitors network traffic in search of fraudulent patterns
  • Takes customized, configurable actions to prevent further abuse
  • Provides extensive drill-down reports on voice and SMS use, profiles, events, and trends

SIM box fraud isn’t a cost of doing business. It’s a criminal attack on your profitability. Fortunately, you have a secret weapon called Asset Protect.

Asset Protect